This is just a short note to say thank you to Karen Tabak for managing the renovation of our apartment in McMahons Point.

Karen understood our needs and tastes with regards to the building work that had to take place as well as the interior styling and furniture requirements. She made what would have been an overwhelming job smooth and easy for us! After an initial brief, Karen arrived at our home with what seemed like huge volumes of fabric, tile, timber, bathroom accessory and fitting choices, etc which saved us loads of time and pain by avoiding trawling through the many showrooms of Sydney….

She managed the headaches of doing a renovation in a building with neighbours above, below and next to us with smiles and patience even though it was not easy for her!

We were delighted with the finished apartment and Karen’s acute attention to detail and execution of the renovation has made us very happy.

I can highly recommend Karen for any interior (and exterior!) styling, décor and renovation work that you may be considering in the future.

Best of luck in your future design projects, Karen!

Caren and Philip Bettman

Karen is one of those rare designers who is not only extremely talented insofar as design, colour and fabric co-ordination is concerned but her administration is well managed and accurate. She has undertaken numerous projects from small domestic clients to large Industrial and financial groups.

Regardless of size Karen always approaches her work with a dedicated, professional and caring attitude. Many clients have, over the years, come back and demanded that Karen undertake any additional work they may have. Her honesty and integrity is absolute.

Michael Harrison

Karen is a person of the highest integrity and has a wide experience in matters relating to interior design. I found Karen to be extremely efficient with a keen intellect and a quick appreciation of any problems put to her. She deals promptly, effectively and enthusiastically, with any matter referred to her for attention and can be relied upon to use her initiative and imagination in any task that she tackles.

Karen has had exceptional experience in the interior design field. She has always made the most intelligent use of her considerable knowledge and experience in applying herself to Anglovaal's problems.

I would like to record my personal thanks to her for her assistance to me during our planning phases.

I can unreservedly recommend her to any organisation contemplating making use of her valuable experience.

Yours faithfully

D.L.K. Graham

I loved every minute of working with Karen and choosing all the beautiful fabrics and designs for furniture. The house is a delight to the eye and a pleasure to live in. 

The compliments on both the alteration to the house and the refurbishing, have been many and expansive. Without your expertise and the quality of the finished article, the interior would not have had the wonderful feel it does now. 

Once again, thank you for a splendid job.

Best wishes

Bruce and Lyn